Book Review – The Emerald Comb by Kathleen McGurl

Kathleen McGurl’s novel, The Emerald Comb is an entertaining read with enough mystery to keep the pages turning.

Dually set in modern England and down the heroine’s family tree two hundred years, Katie learns more about her ancestors than she bargained for. As an amateur genealogist, I related to Katie’s search into her past and frustration when her husband didn’t share her zeal.

I found the conversations and interactions in the present sections to be stilted and some of the characters awkward. Conversely, the sections in the past read without a hitch. It was the story of Katie’s ancestors that kept me reading.

The Emerald Comb was a quick read, which means I was invested enough to want to return to the book. Since finishing, I have thought back to the story several times. Both signs of an enjoyable reading experience.

I give The Emerald Comb by Kathleen McGurl three duckies and recommend it for a good weekend read.

ducky ratingducky ratingducky rating

I purchased the Kindle version of The Emerald Comb from Amazon for 99 cents plus tax.

The Emerald Comb

By Kathleen McGurl

Published 2014 by Carina UK

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