Welcome to Introvert’s Life

Hello, my name is Laurie and this blog is not anonymous. I’d like to tell you I spelled anonymous right the first time, but in the spirit of transparency, I gave spellcheck a workout.

Now, you know three things about me.

I am an introvert, my name is Laurie and I am spelling challenged.

I believe that is enough self-disclosure at this point.

This blog will be the observations of a life-long introvert. What’s written here may not align with clinical definitions but will fall under the umbrella of Webster’s.

Don’t confuse introverted with dull. If you want to know what’s happening in a room, ask the introvert. You’ll find them, often in a corner; watching, taking in, absorbing, pondering, looking for the exits and checking the time.

Unless they’re not.

Introverts aren’t always silent and uncomfortable in crowds. Crowds can be segmented into comfortably sized sections. Then the introvert may be the one holding court, talking loud, gesticulating, and entertaining those about them. It drains us, but we like interacting with people too.

Remember, many professional entertainers are introverts.

Don’t put us in a box.

Nobody puts introverts in ….  you get the gist.


We are comfortable alone but want to be around some people; the ones that don’t expect us to be someone we’re not, who are comfortable with silence and who don’t need us to validate or define them.

That’s an overview of introversion.

Until next time, feel comfortable in your own skin however striped, spotted or plain.

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